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Precision Matters

The Medical and Life Science fields demand flawless translations. Lives depend on it.  Imagine a medical procedure translated incorrectly, or a mistaken term for a chemical. Any misunderstanding, however small, could put all people at risk.

Translation is not just the act of presenting a word, phrase, or idea from a dictionary. Ideas, expressions, concepts, and meanings must be precisely understood, before they can be represented from one culture to another. The cultural knowledge, experience, and education of the translator are at the core of each translation.

Professional Translation Services – Accurate, Precise, and Effective

I offer the finest translation services in my fields of expertise.  Along with my studies in Life Sciences at the Open University, I completed my Nursing Degree, summa cum laude. I worked in the nursing field for almost 23 years, having constant access to the latest procedures, terms, and discourse in my fields of study and translation.   I have used my knowledge to help and encourage others in my field, as I have been a guest lecturer on several occasions.


Whether by class, personal research, or by observation, I consider myself a lifetime student.

My goal as your translator is to translate all information accurately, clearly, and precisely.  As a professional, I offer you my reliability, consistency, and integrity. Every deadline is met; all translation is kept in the strictest confidence.  I am committed to the standards of the
ITA Code of Professional Conduct and Business Practices.

I have the Right Qualifications for your Project

I have the training, experience, and education that you are looking for in both the Medical and Life Science fields of translation. I give every project my highest level of detail and attention. When you work with me, you are getting my integrity, my personal attention, as well as my experience and education. I am a dedicated and experienced professional.

I look forward to hearing from you. References sent upon request. 


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