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  • 2008 Tene Briut Organization: Seminar for medical interpreters. Explanation of how the interpreting interaction appears from the side of (the patients, clinical team, and especially the nurses) along with the needs and problems incurred during this process.

  • 2009 ITA conference: The need for interpreter services in the basic clinic

  • 2011 ITA conference: Rates for translation services

  • 2017 ITA conference: Urgent jobs - definitions and pricing
  • 2018 IAPTI conference, Valencia, Spain (#iapti2018) - Challenges in bi-directional textsThe complete guide can be downloaded for free here.

  • 2019 ATA60, Palm Springs, CA, USA (#ATA60) - Challenges in bi-directional texts. The complete guide can be downloaded for free here.
ATA 60th Annual Conference